My Craft Wishlist

My husband and I seldom give each other gifts.  Come Valentine’s Day, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, etc., my Facebook feed would always be flooded by other girls’ boasts posts of flowers and many other expensive things their significant other has given them.  Always, I would have nothing to boast post.

Because we didn’t have much money,  we were forced to be more creative with gift giving.  On my part, the best and most unique gift I have given him was a travel scrapbook of places to travel to.  The best thing I have ever received from him was a Booksale-hopping trip (I love books!).

In the last 2 years, my husband has given me so much that he has totally redeemed himself out of his giftlessness.   For my birthday, I presented him with this craft wishlist.  None of the items cost much.  The truth is, gifts need not be expensive to be well appreciated.


watercolor lettering practice