My 2018 Goals


Happy New Year everyone!

I love January because we all get a fresh start, no matter how good or bad the previous year has been.

I did a review of my 2017 goals and I realized I was not able to accomplish even half of them.   Maybe because I rarely checked my list throughout the year? Hahaha!

Anyway, I made a new list of goals for 2018 and it was really fun to jot down things I want to accomplish.  No hard core goals in there except for ‘Start a travel blog’ which is my ultimate dream ever!


Love making my Goals List with Christine Herrin’s Plan It Out Stamp Set

I also added numbers to make them as specific and measurable as possible (former teacher, hehe!).

Food is also important to me, so I made goals for that, too.   I’m also working on a set of goals about how my family and I can have healthier practices this year.


Can’t wait to cross out goals from my list


What 2018 goals are you working on this year?

Thanks for passing by, Happy New Year!







My 2014 Craft Goals


These are my craft projects for 2014:

a. IMFEELINGCRAFTYTODAY.WORDPRESS.COM – My craft blog is now up and running! This is where I’ll share with you my personal craft projects, artworks, tutorials (haha!), fab finds and all things craft related.

b. LIFE IS WANDERFUL – Yep, that’s not a typo.  This is a magnet board where I plan to post my family’s travel photos so that I am always reminded about how lucky we are that we have been going to different places.

c. LIL’ BOOK OF IDEAS – This is a small notebook where I will jot down all my ideas related to crafting.

d. GOING PLACES: A TRAVEL LOG – This is where I will document our travels via traditional scrapbooking.

e. MEMORY LANE FIELD TRIP – Memory Lane is a scrapbook store in Balong Bato.

f. BOOK OF FONTS – This will be my cheat sheet as a future letterer (hehe)!

g. BUCKET LIST – I want to revamp my existing bucket list because it is so corny and boring!

h. D.F.F. : DE LARA FAMILY FAVORITES – I am rewriting our family recipe book because the current one has been overused in the kitchen.  It’s torn and full of grease, yuck!

I. PHOTOBOOKS FOR BATAAN, MISIBIS AND BAGUIO – The problem with buying discounted photobooks is that there is a deadline.  I need to finish all three by June 23, 2014.

Do you have any craft-related goal this year?