Journaling Ideas: Book Reviews

Hi everyone!  A lot of people are afraid to start journaling because they always say they don’t know what to write about.   Really,  you can write about anything and everything!   Anyway,  I decided to start a series of blogposts (journaling ideas) about what I write inside my journals so that you can begin journaling too.    To start off,  reading is a big part of my life, so I like writing about books in my journal.


I have always been a bookworm and you know what?   I secretly loved doing those book reports in grade school.   Hehehe!


This year, I started doing a mini review of every book that I have read.   I add a very short synopsis about the book so that I’ll remember what it was about.   Some of the questions I ask myself while doing the review are these:  Did I like the book?   Why or why not?   What were my favorite parts?   Who were my favorite/least favorite characters and did I identify with them?   Are there any questions about the book that I have left unanswered?   I would also jot down some of my favorite lines if I could.   Most of all, I love adding the learnings I get from each book.


I like taking the time to respond to what I have read so that I’m not just breezing through the book with the aim of just finishing it, but that I also get to savor and learn from it as well.


By the way,  I love using the Everyday Explorers Co. Book Club stamp set to do my book reviews.  You can purchase it from here.

My goal is to read at least 25 books this year.   How about you?