Journal 52

up away

Week 1 – Up, Up and Away

I joined this free art journal group, Journal52 recently and I’m having the best time ever.   Each week, a prompt is issued out for the group members to work on.  You can paint, draw, collage; you can use watercolors, acrylics, etc.  There is no pressure or deadline to worry about.    There are no rules except to have fun making pages! 🙂


Week 1 – Up, Up and Away

The group is currently on Week 40, but you can choose to start wherever and whenever. My goal is to make at least one page for each prompt.  I’m finding it hard to move past some prompts just because I like them so much.  Like for week 1- Up, Up and Away, I actually made 4 pages, hehe!


Week 1 – Up, Up and Away

Journal52 has a Facebook group page where members post their work for others to see.   You’re not required to post your work if you want it kept private.  For me,  seeing other people’s posted works is a good way to stay inspired.  It also feels good to connect with people who share the same passion and interests.  🙂


Week 2 – Somewhere, A Simple Place

I hope that you find the time to join Journal52.  It’s a good way to explore your art materials and to stay creative.


Week 11 – Stars


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